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Gareth Bale in battle to force through £86m move to Real Madrid

Gareth Bale has been left distraught by the refusal of Daniel Levy, the Tottenham Hotspur chairman, to consider a world record €100m – £86.3m – offer from Real Madrid.

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Sandmano3345d ago

They need to let him leave TBH, he gave them 6 years, what else do they want?

MajorLazer3343d ago

£86 million?! He's worth £60 million, max. Inflated transfer prices is what will be the death of football. CR7 was worth the £80 million because he won many trophies beforehand including a UCL, three EPL, an FA Cup and a Ballon D'or. Bale on the other hand, not one trophy, a good season or two and suddenly he's slapped with ridicilous pricetags like £86 million

mmj3343d ago

Tottenham just need to accept that they are not a top four club and let him go, Bale practically carried them during the latter half of last season and they still finished 5th. The only chance they have of finishing top 4 even with Bale is if either Man City/UTD, Chelsea or Arsenal have a poor season.

S2Killinit3343d ago

they had promised Bale that if Real makes a move, he will be allowed to leave, but now this Levy guys is breaking that promise, I would be distraught as well.

RGB3343d ago

Don't know why Real want or need him now.

Real have 3 Left Wingers, two promoted this month and Di Maria on the Right.

Only way I can see this working is if Madrid offer Di Maria + cash and Bale plays on the Right. Bale isn't play Left and Ronaldo won't play CF or Right.

S2Killinit3343d ago

I believe the Spurs are not looking for any trades whatsoever.

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