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Manchester United - Has Sir Alex Ferguson Sabotaged The Red Devils?

The last time Wayne Rooney played a competitive football match he scored a 25-yard screamer in The Maracana Stadium against Brazil for England.

The last time David Moyes managed a competitive football match his Everton side lost 2-1 to Chelsea continuing his unenviable record of 43 away games against Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool without a single victory.

Welcome Manchester United fans to your new manager and the soon-to-be ex striker Sir Alex Ferguson did his utmost to force out of the club as his time at Old Trafford drew to a close.

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KingPin3406d ago

this is the worst POS article i read in a long time.
SAF sabotaged the club, yet stays on to work behind the scenes. who shoots a whole in his own boat and stays on board to watch it sink?

and as for picking moyes over mou. yes, mou won the champions league couple times but mou is also loyal to chelsea FC. anyone with half a brain knew he was never going to take the united job. and does united seem like the club to buy new managers ever 4 years? coz thats about as long as mou lasts at a club.
moyes is long term solution. just coz he hasn't won a major trophy yet doesn't mean he never will win a major trophy. before SAF won all his major trophies he also never won a major trophy. one has to start somewhere.

another thing, moyes has proved he can build teams repeatedly. something not many managers have done. this is a quality key to uniteds decision to choose him.

people need to stop with all the doom and gloom articles of united. this author sounds like a liverpool fan smiling that now united will end up like their club struggling to finish in the top 4 and he is happy that his united buddies would stop picking on him now.

fOrlOnhOpe573406d ago

What a load of rubbish - although SAF hasn't done Moyes any favours over this Rooney saga.