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Yugoslav national anthem played for Serbia match

The latest in a long line of anthem gaffes saw Serbia's under-19 footballers grimace with embarrassment as event organisers played the old Yugoslavian song instead.

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YNWA963414d ago

Best was the borat version of the kazakhastan anthem being played by mistake...

Sandmano3415d ago


The marching band leader is so into it too! xD

Its not their fult they keep changing their countries name! xD

messiisgod3415d ago

how can you get the wrong national anthem! yugoslavia doesnt even exist anymore!

at least it isnt as bad as having the South Korean flag showing with North Korean athletes...

redknight803415d ago

Wow, I didn't see that little slip up with the DPRK. That is quite bad indeed...and at the Olympics of all places? Thanks for adding the image!

SoCalledMe3415d ago

Is it that hard to do a bit of research ? Gosh this things keep happening to all ex-yu countries , but maybe if we had bit less wars over here hmm y that would help I guess :D lol