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Real Madrid's £100m pursuit of Bale 'makes a joke of FFP', blasts Wenger

The Gunners boss says it is "crazy" that clubs are trying to spend vast sums of money this summer but also admits that he feels under pressure to splash the cash himself

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wantedboys3406d ago

lool the last line in the news

"If you can give me names who are better than the players we have, I am ready to talk about it."

wenger ur are the joke

Diffraction_Fos3404d ago

He's actually upset because any increase in Bale's price will push up Suarez's.

krazykombatant3404d ago

I will admit that he isn't worth £100 million, £60-65 and its too much but still.

Wegner just shut up you can't be bothered to spend even a dime.

TKCMuzzer3404d ago

In a way I agree. Real Madrid make a joke of the transfer market. They have spent millions in the last few years just looking for marque signings and haven't reached the champions league final.
If they can't afford the money out right then they should not be allowed to bid, simple as that.
I'm not a Spurs fan it just seems that when it comes to the transfer market Real Madrid operate under different rules, here is an idea for them, scout them young and make them great, stop waiting for other's to do the work.