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Highlights: Barcelona 7-0 Levante (Spanish La Liga - 18/08/2013)

3' Alexis Sanchez 1-0
12' Lionel Messi 2-0
23' Daniel Alves 3-0
26' Pedro Rodriguez 4-0
42' (pen.) Lionel Messi 5-0
45' Xavi Hernandez 6-0
73' Pedro Rodriguez 7-0

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Sahil3280d ago

this game was just unreal.

Massacre would be an understatement. Could easily be in double figures at the end there.

Nes_Daze3280d ago

Amazing to see how Barca passes around and finds gaps even when it seems there's just no space at all, just incredible. 7-0 against a decent team is a great start to the season.

Corepred43279d ago

Decent team? Lol yeah right.

But Barca did destroy them as they should have.

jak3y13oy3280d ago

was watching this game and once Barca were up 3-0 it got boring and switched it over..

Theres no real competition in La Liga, only Barca, Real, and maybe Atletico..

Whereas in the premier league... (yes, the 'what league is better' debate is here)... anything can happen heck this weekend Aston Villa beat Arsenal 3-1!

The Prem is just more exciting in my opinion..

Nes_Daze3280d ago

The Arsenal example is horrible. A team that can barely get into fourth place can easily struggle against a team like Aston Villa, especially on day one of the season. idk, I personally enjoy both leagues, Real Betis gave madrid a good match today, I'm sure Atletico, Valencia, and Malaga will be a challenge for both madrid and barca.

KingPin3279d ago

i dont think jak3y13oy is only comapring the one match but using it as an example. while i agree with you that an arsenal match in day one is not a match you can draw conclusions on i also agree with jak3y that the english league is much closer throughout the whole season. the points at the top of the table is much closer than that of the spanish league. in EPL your top three <sometimes four> are always within 5 points of each other. the spanish league is like barca and real within 5 points of each other. 15-20 points later is third place.

the EPL is more competitive coz teams are never head and shoulders better than every other team unlike the spanish league.

but yeah, both leagues are entertaining. but if you a neutral supporter, the EPL is more entertaining coz the winners are decided late on and sometimes last day of the season. but if you a fan of madrid or barca, you would find LaLiga entertaining coz its always a battle of the 2 best clubs going for the title.

p.s - for the fanboys that plan to attack me. i said the EPL is more ENTERTAINING not BETTER. there is a difference.

Nes_Daze3278d ago

@KingPin, I agree that the EPL can be more competitive and entertaining, but Arsenal really isn't one of those top teams anymore, neither is Liverpool, and City I doubt I will be any better. So not always is that argument true, I just don't like to hear people belittle la liga, I do wish it was more competitive, of course, but it's far from boring.

asmith23063279d ago

That's because even the top PL teams aren't as good as Barca and Madrid.

RGB3279d ago

Ignorance here makes me sick!

Madrid lost several games last season. Lost to; Getafe, Granada, Betis, Sevilla and Celta Vigo in the Cup.

Celta Vigo, Getafe & Granada wished they had the money QPR, Norwich City or Southampton have! They don't and they all beat Madrid last season.

Barca had an unstoppable season in Spain and only Europe was bad for them. The gap at the top of La Liga was huge, 34 points between Barca and 4th place (Real Sociedad). However, Real Sociedad did that with literally nothing but talented players. No sugar daddies helping out and that was only their 3rd season back in the top flight in Spain.

Between Champions League football and relegation:
La Liga; 4th Sociedad 66pts, 18th Mallorca 36pts. (30pts)
EPL; 4th Arsenal 73pts, 18th Wigan 36pts. (37pts)

3pts between survival and relegation:
La Liga; 16th Osasuna 39pts & 17th Celta de Vigo 37pts.
EPL; 17th Sunderland 39pts.

Pts difference between 17th place & bottom:
La Liga; 17th Celta de Vigo 37pts & 20th Zaragoza 34pts (3pts).
EPL; 17th Sunderland 39pts & 20th QPR 25pts (14pts).

So the gap between Champions League football & relegation was lower in La Liga, points between teams was less from survival and relegation and the points from rock bottom and survival was far better too!

Yes Barca and Madrid dominate, but the rest are closely matched compared to the EPL teams!

Additional, no English team got to the Quarter-finals in the Champions League were as 3 Spanish teams did!

RGB3279d ago

People also wonder why La Liga teams have a hard time of it...

2013-14 so far:
Liverpool; Aspas from Celta.
Man City; Navas & Negredo (25 goals, highest scoring Spanish player) from Sevilla. Best players at Sevilla.
Spurs; Soldado (24 goals 2nd highest scoring Spanish player) from Valencia. Best player at Valenica.

Arsenal; Santi Cazorla & Nacho Monreal from Malaga.
Swansea City; Michu from Rayo (best at Rayo) & Pablo Hernández from Valencia.

Chelsea; Mata (9 goals & 18 assists) from Valenica.
Man United; David de Gea from Atlético.

Man City; David Silva from Valencia.

When Valenica loses their best players for 4 years running and still get near, that's admirable! Having millions from sugar daddies and getting relegated isn't admirable, it's disgusting!

That's Spanish players only, never mind other talents that England, France, Italy and Russia has taken.

I'm not even including players gone from Madrid and Barca too!

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CultOfPersonality3279d ago

La Liga the new Scottish league! You know who's gonna win it before a ball is kicked

ProjectVulcan3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

If you don't at least share the TV money around and leave it up to individual clubs to make their own deals then the top clubs will get everything and the smaller clubs nothing. La Liga will very soon be totally irrelevant except as a means for Barca and Madrid to battle it out and play in Europe if the gap is allowed to become any larger financially.

TotalHitman3279d ago

Levante's defending was terrible. It was a really boring match if you want to see two sides play football.

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