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Bale deal almost done - reports

Gareth Bale's move to Real Madrid is all but sealed, apart from Fabio Coentrao's personal terms with Spurs, according to Gazetta dello Sport.

The Welshman is expected to go to the Santiago Bernabeu in deal worth over €108m overall.

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Sahil3389d ago

108m euros? Madrid are absolute clowns.

BryanBegins3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Well I read somewhere else that it's 108m but then Tottenham will buy one player from Madrid for like 17m (sorry, I'm bad with names). So the net price is more like 91m.

Still, not saying it isn't crazy or anything.

Scrivlar3389d ago

Fabio Coentrao. But I'm sure I read he's just being added onto the £93 million for free

Snakefist303389d ago

Nope Fabio isnot added in this deal!

Corepred43389d ago

"Ain't trickin if you got it!"


imtiyaz63389d ago

108m? Are you f'ing kidding me?

krazykombatant3389d ago

Nice to see when a team spends, however ridiculous spending, but at least its better than say what wegner does XD!

imtiyaz63389d ago

I normally don't give a rat's a** about how Madrid spend their money. But it's extremely irritating to see them pretty much fund Tottenham's summer transfers. Seriously, 40 million for an overrated mid-fielder last season and now 108 million for a guy who just had one good half season? It's crazy how Tottenham have been ripping Madrid off. Ronaldo was worth the money cuz he was the Ballon d'Or holder. But what did Bale do which was of any significance at all?

krazykombatant3388d ago

oh believe me i think its silly money to consider that, but its only that high because spurs don't want to sell whatsoever.

Zefros3389d ago

GReat players pay for them selfs ;)!

asmith23063389d ago

Bale is a fantastic player but this is great business by Spurs if it's true. Coentrao is class, plus a lot of cash too to pay off the near 120m they have already spent this summer.

ngecenk3389d ago

so now they have two amazing runners and barca have two amazing dribblers! this should be interesting! :)