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Tata Martino slams ‘disrespectful’ Real Madrid over colossal Gareth Bale fee


Barcelona boss Tata Martino has accused Real Madrid of showing a ‘lack of respect’ with their world-record bid for Tottenham’s Gareth Bale.

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theEx1Le3379d ago

Shortly after paying millions for Neymar. Yeah, not hypocritical at all.

Nes_Daze3379d ago

LOL still not the same price of Bale, although still stupid considering Barca need a CB more than they need another forward.

ProjectVulcan3379d ago

Paying 50m for Neymar looking at Barca's squad is no smarter than Madrid dropping 90m or whatever on Bale IMO.

Barca severely need a couple of defenders and they are leaving it to the last minute scrabbling around for them trying to get some cheap.

Looks like we will be kept waiting up until the end of the transfer window to see just one of these moves the media have been banging on all summer about actually happen.

Be somewhat hilarious if nobody got sold, Bale, Rooney, Suarez, Ozil, Fabregas, Di Maria, Fellaini, Baines etc