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Manchester United should sell Rooney to us - Mourinho

The Chelsea manager points to Italy where big-name players regularly move between rivals and suggests it would benefit the Premier League if the striker stayed in England

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jak3y13oy3272d ago

you'd like that wouldn't you..

Moyes doesn't want to sell Rooney to a club in the Premier League, so i reckon he would go abroad if an offer comes for him... Munich maybe?

ProjectVulcan3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

LOL Mourinho: you should sell your best players to us without a fight!

Sometimes he doesn't half talk rubbish. The reasons for keeping Rooney even against his wishes outweigh the ones to offload him- to direct title rivals.

If he must be sold he can't be sold to a side in the top 3 and preferably should go abroad.

Dark113272d ago

LMAO this is why i like mou xD.

silvacrest3272d ago

it would be funny if it happened, like arsenal & man u with RVP