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Ronaldo set to snub Uefa ceremony for friendly - The 28-year-old is reportedly set to decline the opportunity to attend the Best Player in Europe event in Monaco on Thursday in favour of competing in a friendly

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KingPin3383d ago

smart move.
why go there just so they can get a reaction from him when ribery gets the award.
i bet he doesn't go next year for the 2013 golden ball ceremony as well just to see messi collect it...again.

after the 2012 mess he knows they wont give it to him no matter how much he does to deserve it so why bother.

Scrivlar3382d ago

Ridiculous the way he's treated by the industry considering how much money he makes them each year and how good he is. Doesn't matter what he does it'll always go to golden boy Messi with the clean public image. Such a shame.