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The £13m pay cut Eto'o accepted to seal Chelsea move

The striker completed his move to Stamford Bridge on Thursday, but is set to see his weekly pay-packet reduced by an astonishing 71 per cent after leaving Russia

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jak3y13oy3380d ago

good, he was earning WAY too much £250k a week!

heck £100k a week is still too much..

Nes_Daze3380d ago

I hope Mou doesn't bench Lukaku after his penalty miss, he's an amazing player, I felt so bad for him when he missed, but it can happen to any player.

goku323593380d ago

I feel for him, taking on such a task at only 20 years of age. I think this wont make him sulk in his shell though, instead I think he'll strive to make himself better, like he owes the team something. He'll be so great for Chelsea in the future, I can already tell.

Nes_Daze3380d ago

I hope he does, I enjoy watching Lukaku play, just like Oscar and Hazard, even though I'm not fond of chelsea :p. But really, just seeing the other chelsea player(think it was luiz) hug him after he missed...very moving.