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Highlights: Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United (English Premier League - 01/09/13)

1-0 Daniel Sturridge 4'

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freeduck3385d ago

Good win for us. Happy to see us defend an early-goal lead throughout the match, other seasons we would've conceded. Needed to work on keeping the ball in 2nd half though.

Skrtel and Agger were fantastic, kept Welbeck and RVP quiet. Now that we have Sakho and Toure coming back from injury, it's going to be quite a CB dilemma since they are all quality.

Ninjamonkey823385d ago

Well played tbh enjoy your week at the top ;).

NewMonday3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Sturridge is a goal magnet, like Inzaghi but better on the ball.

Skirtel had one of his best games ever.

Hendo is evolving into a valuable player.

looking very solid defensively so far, with new signings the squad is very deep and talented.

and no Suarez

we should have a credible run for the top 4.

Sahil3385d ago

Lets win 1-0 all season!

hkgamer3385d ago

would be hilarious if sturridge scores every liverpool goal and we win 1-0 all season.

38 goals, 38 wins & 114 points :D

OK. time to get back to reality and get ready for liverpool to mess up big time.

Thefreeman0123385d ago

What a pitiful midfield display by United. No support for our forwards. Making bad passes all day, giving the ball away cheaply. That had to be one of the worst games I've seen united in a while. If fellani is a replacement for cleverly ill be a pissed off fan

badz1493385d ago

Carrick played like an amateur! Vidic and Ferdinand are both sloppy and Welbeck...why him? I'd choose Hernandez over him any day of the week!

Midfielders were not working...Cleverly, Carrick, Valencia and Young...all dead and not a single one of them provide any meaningful chances for RVP and not threatening the goal themselves either! Welbeck was busy trying to break into goal himself and kinda forgotten that he and RVP are a 2 man strikers!

Nani played well for the short time he was there and Hernandez IMO is a better sub-striker to RVP than Welbeck can ever be!

Pirates10i3384d ago

I personally think Welbeck is better used as a Winger. He has great pace and can really challenge defenders... just not the goal

no_more_heroes3385d ago

Once again, Arsenal don't look like getting anywhere near the top this season*, so I'd love to see Liverpool win it. They look solid, at least so far.

(*yes, even after our 1-0 win over Spurs a while ago)

windblowsagain3383d ago

How do you work out Arsenal don't like getting near the top?

City beat by cardiff,lol. Yet westham beat them 2-0?

Liverpool beating utd is massive.

Chelsea i don't think are there yet.

This season will be very close.

imtiyaz63385d ago

Sturridge is on fire! A very clinical finisher, just what Liverpool needed. And their defense has been rock solid so far

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The story is too old to be commented.