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Bale completes Real Madrid move

The double PFA Player of the Year winner has finally sealed his move to the Santiago Bernabeu after months of negotiations and public posturing from all parties

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jak3y13oy3376d ago


I'll be watching Madrid more often now to see how well Bale does!

MajorLazer3376d ago

Tottenham just pulled off one of the greatest robberies of all time :)

Corepred43376d ago

Maybe if you're a poor team. =) We'll make that back in shirt sales.

Stsonic3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

Yes just like how kaka cost you £500k a game and £2 million a goal!

By the way where are you funding this money from? Your country has none and real are backed by your government so where exactly does this money come from?

KingPin3376d ago

if 80m buys you 200+ goals in 4 years = +- 50 goals a year
what does 100m buy before being considered a waste of money?

i dont see bale scoring anywhere near that many. he couldnt even get pass the 30 goal mark.

yeah yeah, "the english league is harder" they say....ronaldo scored 47 goals in a season in the EPL. bale hasnt passed 30.

this is the definition of over-priced.

ProjectVulcan3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

Bale is a great player, but Madrid overpaid by a good 30 million.

Not to mention the fact it has forced Ozil out the door, and Ozil is just as good in different ways.

Finally where will Bale actually be played, he is heavily left sided and would surely prefer being deployed there, which means Ronaldo will have to move over for him. That'll go down well with Madrid's ego filled dressing room.

KingPin3375d ago

i think Bale is only worth 40-45mil at most.

i agree with you on ozil being just as good in different ways. Ozil was a team player. he was to CR7 like what xavi/iniesta are to messi. the supplier. now with that gone, its going to be hard to see what happens.

i dont think CR7 will find it hard playing on right instead of the left but di maria may feel uneasy about losing his spot to a guy just as good as he is. not to mention Bale, like RVP, suffer from "leftiritus" commonly known as cant kick worth sh!t with the right leg.

im not a Bale fan. maybe he can prove me wrong and i'd love for that to happen but from what i seen, he's a CR7 wanna-be. literally copied everything about CR7.

RGB3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Bale, last 3 years at Spurs: 37 goals and 15 assists. £86m?! Really?!

goku323593376d ago

I think he'll do fine, just not "100 million" fine

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The story is too old to be commented.