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Signing Bale fits the strategy that has made Madrid the greatest club in the world, says Perez

The club president is delighted with the winger's arrival and says the Santiago Bernabeu side will always be looking to add high-profile names to their squad

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Sahil3375d ago

Go home Perez, you're drunk.

KingPin3374d ago

signs an over-hyped player that was over-priced and sells a class midfielder that had some of the best stats in Europe.
still thinks he made good business this transfer window.


krazykombatant3374d ago

Agree, I would have waited at least till jan. Window. We'll see if it pays off on the field. As im sure t-shirts will sell.

ScytheX33373d ago

lol over hyped player indeed, just like Modric, guy turned out to be as useful as the dirt under my shoe

S2Killinit3369d ago

I think they know a bit more about what is good for them than you guys do. I think Madrid needed an overhaul in their playing style and they can do that w bale.