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Real Madrid deny accusing Ozil of unprofessional behaviour

Goal - Los Blancos say their president Florentino Perez had nothing to do with the interview about the Germany international printed in a Spanish newspaper earlier this week.

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-Mezzo-3364d ago

This is nothing more that Press steering up controversy for attention.

windblowsagain3362d ago

Was a very good move.

Ozil played very well at arsenal. It's like he has always been there.

redknight803362d ago

Totally agree with your comments there, he really did play his debut like he has always been there. Such an impressive team display today, despite the shaky start to second half and the missed chances, that is.

windblowsagain3362d ago

Yep, Walcott still not the player people were expecting.

He should have scored 2 at least.

Teams i most felt sorry for today.

Stoke clearly outplay man city.

Fulham wasted so many chances as well today.

redknight803362d ago

Yeah, Man City has been the shock for me this season in how inconsistent they are...scoring 5 one game and then losing to newly promoted Cardiff and drawing Stoke is quite odd for a team with such individual talent.

And Walcott, I just don't know...sometimes he is a complete game changer, the next...he misses some very clear chances that could have made things more comfortable for the side. Instead, they kind of struggled to dominate on the scoreline when they clearly dominated on the pitch.

I will check the highlights for Fulham now since I didn't catch that match!

ghoh13362d ago

real screwed up their squad, imo last year squad was better.