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Tactically and Technically Wanting, England Are Not Genuine World Cup Contenders

BR - When you say it out loud, it's fairly obvious. Roy Hodgson's England are not genuine contenders for the World Cup.

No matter how you slice it, even if England win their two remaining qualifiers and secure qualification for Brazil 2014, they have no hope. A last eight spot (if that) is optimistic. A last-16 one may be also, considering that only San Marino and Moldova have been put to the sword in qualifying.

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-Mezzo-3365d ago

LOL, This was funny.

Though Seriously. 'I Say This With Heavy Heart',I'd be surprised if England made it to the second round.

Dungus3362d ago

Why would they be? They haven't come close for a long, long time. If there weren't such pathetic chest-thumping, borderline xenophobic, crazily over-ambitious press campaigns in the lead up to every tournament, the nation would have far more realistic expectations. There's absolutely no shame in simply giving your all and getting as far as you can with the players you have. England need to stop thinking this time it will all be theirs and just get stuck in, see what happens.