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Highlights: Everton 1-0 Chelsea (English Premier League - 14/09/13)

[1-0] - S. Naismith - [45'+1']

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goku323593371d ago

22 shots and no goals for Chelsea... At that point you kind of deserve to lose. Oh well, still happy with the way the team looks overall. Very dangerous on the attack, but it seems the players need shooting practice.

asmith23063371d ago

They still need a striker in my opinion. Anyways, Martinez really has everton playing some nice stuff. Will be interesting to see how he does with them.

The_Devil_Hunter3371d ago

No they dont for gotd sakes they have THREE excellent strikers believe me thats not the problem.

silvacrest3370d ago

i really wanted to see how e'to would jell with the team but accidentally saw the final score and lost interest

22 shots and no goals? dont know how i feel about that