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Cristiano Ronaldo's New Deal at Real Madrid Doesn't End Manchester United Hopes

BR - Real Madrid on Sunday morning announced an agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo for a new long-term contract, a move that can be seen as the final piece of the Gareth Bale transfer deal.

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asmith23063364d ago

I'm really bored of this whole Ronaldo back to Utd talk. Seriously, give it up people.

KingPin3363d ago

the fans still praise CR7 even though they know he wont be returning to old trafford but the media are the ones that keep the pot boiling....why? coz it makes headlines.

but yeah...enough is enough. Ronaldo himself said MUFC is his is the present and future.
i dont know what part of him saying "im a madrid player" and him scoring a hat-trick celebrating with team-mates is sending mixed signals to the media that he wants to go to MUFC.

guess the EPL has no superstars so they need to bring attention to their league in someway and what better way than this.