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David Moyes wants Manchester United to win Champions League this season


Manchester United manager David Moyes can't wait to begin his first UEFA Champions League campaign at the helm.

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KingPin3368d ago

realistically united dont have a chance at winning the UCL.
with wingers like young and valencia <useless and one-trick wonder> defenders find it all too easy to stop them.
Rio and vidic are both past their prime to be honest and strikers will run rings around them.
the midfield isnt the best in europe either. if united plan to win the UCL they need a much much stronger team than the one they have.

krazykombatant3368d ago

Don't see any english team making it past the last 8. I doubt united will even make it that far.

Anderson83367d ago

i think there will b at least one in the semis... its not impossible for us to win in but it would take alot of improvement in performances between now and xmas

krazykombatant3367d ago

I still don't see ManCity anywhere past the first round, Arsenal will get bounced after last 16. Man U and chelsea could make last 8 depending who they draw.

Ninjamonkey823368d ago

Blah blah blah. Opening games and we have the usual predicting games going on ;).