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Mourinho: Madrid should play Casillas

The Chelsea manager believes Carlo Ancelotti, his successor at the Bernabeu, should pick the shot-stopper to play against Galatasaray in the Champions League

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krazykombatant3250d ago

Ok this is pissing me off, I swear I hope we draw Chelsea early in the knock-out stages. The man has nothing better but mind games. Casillas is good but Lopez is simply on fire.

Until Lopez messes up Casillas will warm up the bench.

Yi-Long3249d ago

I love his mind games... :)

He first gets all the flack in the world from the fans for benching Cassillas, and the RM are furious because of it.

He sticks with Lopez.

Turns out Lopez is doing amazing. RM fans slowly realize Jose was right. And now he throws that crap back in their face, just to remind them of what they thought back then, and how they think about it now.