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Mourinho 'cried' after missing out on United job

Jose Mourinho cried when it emerged that Mr. Ferguson had decided to appoint David Moyes as Man United manager, according to a new book in Spain.

El Pais journalist Diego Torres claims in a book called 'Preparense Para Perder' that Mourinho thought he was certain to be offered the job at Man United, and reacted badly when Moyes was appointed instead.

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Sahil3360d ago

There's just absolutely nothing about that story that isn't laugh out loud funny.

Can't necessarily believe it is 100% truth but I'm more than willing to suspend my disbelief for the time being!

KingPin3359d ago

talk about bullsh!t.
SAF spoken to mou to tell him he is retiring because they are friends but mou said in england his loyalty lies with chelsea and that he already spoken to Roman about the chelsea job for the next season.
i seen that from mou himself in an interview.

neoragex3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

He won't tell anyone that he cried coz he din't get the job, would he, in an interview or press conference?

as the guy said, it's not 100% true, nothing is these days, maybe what you're saying is bullshit too.

KingPin3359d ago

it was an interview for one of those magazine shows. cant remember which one.

even so, if its not 100% true why bother reporting it?

what if i said you were homosexual but its not 100% true but you claimed in an interview that you weren't? should we question if you are or not? just an example.

anyways with football, some coaches are loyal to their clubs in certain countries. do you think pep would ever coach real madrid within the next 6 years if bayern lets him go? another example.

i could go on and the end of the day its done and dusted, water under the bridge. if he cried or not it doesnt change my life, he is the chelsea manager and moyes is the united one. end of story.

neoragex3359d ago

do you think pep would ever coach real madrid within the next 6 years if bayern lets him go? another example

Pep? No.

But an A-grade attention seeking coont like Mourinho going to United wouldn't surprise me one bit. He wudn't go to Barca tho.

windblowsagain3359d ago


But tbh at the momment, Moyes will be the one crying. I doubt he'll be there for a second season. Utd not doing too well tbh.

They won't be winning any leagues this year.

pompombrum3359d ago

Only ones crying at the moment are Utd fans. Ever since Fergie and David Gill left, the replacements have dragged Man Utd's reputation in the mud. Their transfer market dealings were disgraceful and to now hear they tried to hijack the Bale deal? There was a reason Utd were offered Ozil before Arsenal, because they have a great business relationship with Madrid.. way to go burn that bridge. Then Moyes coming out in the prematch conference saying to expect more games like the Manchester derby at the weekend? That's not the words of a united manager.

If there is any ounce of truth to this story, Mourinho is probably crying from laughter now at now joining.

rawd3359d ago

He looks bored at Chelsea

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