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asmith23063358d ago

Enrique is gonna be kicking himself. Desperate marking all game.

Kos-Mos3358d ago

Glory glory. Nice to see United bounce back like always!

KazumaKiryu3358d ago

United were lucky to win this one.

asmith23063357d ago

Dunno how you got disagrees, I thought Liverpool looked far more dangerous, just that final ball/touch didn't happen for them.

KazumaKiryu3357d ago

The mystery disagrees happen lol. If I was a united fan I would be rather worried with that performance because that was most definitely not a 'reserve' side and they won by a bit of bad defending on our part.

I agree with you our decision making in the final third was shocking at times and if Suarez was fully fit and Sturridge not tired we would be looking at a different scoreline. De Gea played well though and kept united in it.

buddymagoo3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

De Gea made maybe two save the whole game. Mingnolet was much busier with Rooney's free kick and Kagawa hitting the bar.

Game was 50/50 as shown by the stats with united having more shots but Pool having a little more possession.

Liverpool also had their full strength/fitness side out while United had 8 players who made their first start of the season.

ProjectVulcan3358d ago

Good win. Liverpool at near full strength minus Coutinho and Agger but United started without RvP, Vidic, Ferdinand, Carrick, Fellaini, Evra etc

Liverpool had plenty of the play but all things considered was a good result for United.