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Highlights: Aston Villa 3-2 Manchester City (English Premier League - 28/09/13)

[0-1] - Y. Toure - [45']
[1-1] - K. El Ahmadi - [51']
[1-2] - E. Dzeko - [56']
[2-2] - L. Bacuna - [73']
[3-2] - A. Weimann - [75']

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asmith23063353d ago

What a mad bunch of results so far this weekend! Fair play to Villa. City smash Utd 4-1 last week and then get beat by Villa, what a season.

no_more_heroes3353d ago

I am very concerned now.

Usually when a perfect situation presents itself like this to Arsenal, they f*ck up and don't take advantage of it.

Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham all dropping points at the same time is way too perfect an opportunity.

God, I hope I'm wrong...

KingPin3353d ago

wtf is going on in the english league this weekend.
bookies must have coined it.
united, city, chelsea all unexpected results.

Mozilla893353d ago

I wouldn't say the Chelsea Tottenham result is unexpected. Both teams are viable title contenders this season.