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Fabregas fired up to fill Messi void

The 26-year-old believes he can fill in for the injured Barcelona forward during his absence if called upon in Tuesday’s match at Celtic Park

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KingPin3343d ago

just slot neymar in there. problem solved.

rowdyBOY3342d ago

i think the game was rigged. red card always in a barca game.

maybe the red card fired up fabregas,lol

Nes_Daze3341d ago

You can say the same about every other team, people make jokes about United always getting decisions in their favor, Real Madrid's divers and the ref decisions, same crap.

rowdyBOY3339d ago

i like fabregas , his a top player , especially when he was arsenal.

just saying barca nearly always get a player from the opposing red carded .

i dont think thats fair .

Dungus3341d ago

He did excellently to replace Messi. Scored a really good goal, well played to him. It's not Celtic's intention to put as many players behind the ball as possible, especially at home (where they've now only ever been beaten twice in the CL - both by Barcelona) but Barcelona were just pounding them and they were getting deeper and deeper as a result of that. Still, we had two better chances to score than they did the entire match, shame they never went in. Bring on Ajax.