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Highlights: Arsenal 2-0 Napoli (UEFA Champions League - Group F - 01/10/2013)

1-0 Ozil 8'

2-0 Giroud 15'

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imtiyaz63355d ago

Best game from Ozil so far! He and Rambo are such a joy to watch

no_more_heroes3355d ago

Wow, that went significantly better than I thought it would. That first half was magical! Can't say much for the second half, since I missed it thanks to the bus ride home, but damn!

The longer this goes on, the more afraid I get that there will be a frightening, soul crushing crash on the way sometime soon though. I can never truly be confident about anything ever again. I just take each match in isolation.

Great result though!

johnsonbat3355d ago

It usually happens around January for Arsenal to get the wobbles but this is definitely the strongest they've looked in a long time.

crazyturkey3355d ago

Great performance by our Gunners!!!!!
Maybe Arteta and Rosicky looked a little off the pace, but they just need more minutes to be 100% next game will do.

Napoli just looked scared though, they only shot and shot from long distance because they were afraid to commit men forward. Second half they tried to correct this but then noticed that Arsenal were just too comfortable for them and patient with the ball to even score once. Hell, Raina had to make a line clearance to stop a third goal. Then they went back to how they were in the first half.

Jonnyquest3213355d ago

Ramsey is immense- tackling, assisting, goal scoring he is becoming one of the best midfielders on the planet. Be honest, how many of us thought he would ever recover from that leg break? his form was horrendous, arsenal fans used to boo him aswell, Wenger really is a genius. That said in last night's match Higuain was a massive miss and I suspect Napoli will have much more to say at home.
Btw we all know about Arsenal's away win record (11 and counting atm) I think it's all set up to end at Old trafford, that's just the way football is!

asmith23063355d ago

The words "title favourites" comes to mind.

RGB3354d ago

Hope you mean Premier League title and not the Champions League!

Arsenal have a better chance of winning nothing for another 8 years than winning the Champions League.