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Highlights: Manchester City 3-1 Everton (English Premier League - 05/10/2013)

0-1 Lukaku 16'

1-1 Negredo 17'

2-1 Agüero 45'

3-1 Agüero (Penalty) 69'

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b163o13352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Good game Lukaku is a beast, didn't know why Chelsea won't make him first team, but this will most likely be his last season on loan, City still has issues with injuries, Kompany left the pitch, Kolarov got a nice gash, other then that we had a decent game. Especially considering evertons recent record against us.

Angerfist3351d ago

Well, Everton is more your Category,just stay out of Champions League ;)

b163o13350d ago

Boo, how would your team fair against the best squad in football?

b163o13349d ago

So your comment on staying out of CL has little merit, considering your squad just won. I'd understand if you said Real, Chelsea, or someone else, but to say that and be representing the champs says a lot about you....