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Barcelona V Real Madrid Preview


"A match that everyone is waiting for with bated breath. Which of these heavyweights of Spanish football will topple the other? These two teams have been battling it out between themselves for years making this upcoming match one to watch."

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Nes_Daze3333d ago

Barca has no defense, Madrid will have fun with the counter attacks. Mascherano is good but Pique is never focused, he always screws up somehere especially against fast paced teams like Madrid. Puyols is always injured, and if he plays in this match he won't be able to keep up and will do another split like the one he did when he tried to mark Di Maria. Dani Alves is always too far up because he's trying to help the midfielders and forwards that run out of attacking ideas. Also, Fabregas has proved to be useless the past two games.

KingPin3333d ago

doing damage control before the match as a safety measure :P clever ;)

Nes_Daze3331d ago

it's not damage control, I'm always harsh like that because I want to see my favorite team at their best possible form before a game. Not buying any defenders for this season was probably a big mistake for Barca. I can't really think of any problems Madrid has, except that with all the players they buy, thy can still manage to lose.

MrEmeralddragon3333d ago

I think you might be underestimating Barcelona. If they get the pace of the game going in their favour then they could potentially run away with it and they have been very good lately at setting the pace.

Nes_Daze3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Pace, but perhaps if creativity up front is lacking then it will probably be useless.

My concern isn't even just defense, Barca struggled to create gaps in Milan's defense in their recent match, their offense hasn't been as great as it should be.

kalor623332d ago

After seeing Real having huge issues to win against Juve yesterday, when you would expect to see few goals after Giorgio Chiellini got an unfair red card - I am not so sure they gonna beat Barca...

asmith23063332d ago

Right, as usual Barcelonas attack is top class and their defense is rubbish, not new there. As long as Messi is playing Barca have every chance. He is on top form again this season.