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To Dive or not to Dive


"One has to wonder if the title of this piece can really be a question that players these days are entertaining. Certainly it is the opinion of many that there are those in football today that seemingly ask themselves that very question in any match where they think it might benefit them or simply hurt their opponent."

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asmith23063312d ago

Justice was done when RVP hit the post. Young is a joke.

MrEmeralddragon3312d ago

Its shocking how low some players will stoop to get ahead.

asmith23063311d ago

..and it's strange how he never used to do this at Villa. Soon as he plays for Utd he starts hitting the deck, I can't understand it.

Mr_cheese3310d ago

No as a villa fan I can say that he did do this for us on the rare occasion, but since his move to old Trafford he has taken up as a hobby.

Blackdeath_6633310d ago

the worst one was against QPR when one of the players hands just brushed aginst his shirt and he went down.

KingPin3310d ago

how this guy gets to wear the united shirt is unbelievable. he is far from a united player...lets hope moyes gets rid of him in january.

MrEmeralddragon3310d ago

You never know. One more stunt like this might see him glued to the bench a lot sooner than that.

Linwelin3310d ago

yes, i cant wait for moyes to start buying and selling players, and really mess the team up :D

KingPin3310d ago

getting rid of a player that takes up a team spot but does nothing on he field isnt losing/messing anything up.

its a different thing if he constantly dives but is scoring 20+ goals a season or has 20+ assists in a season or something good. here he is just useless and dives and the whole team gets a bad name because had Manchester united scored and won, everyones hard work would be overlooked because they won it on a dive. if you know what i mean...