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Highlights: Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Arsenal (UEFA Champions League - Group F - 06/11/2013)

0-1 Ramsey 62'

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imtiyaz63307d ago

We just beat one of the strongest teams (Easily top 3 at least) in Europe. I can't believe it. It's just great to be a gooner atm

imtiyaz63307d ago

It has been an incredible week. First Liverpool and now Dortmund, Ramsey is our player of the season. Wenger knows

asmith23063306d ago

Did you just reply to yourself? :)

Ben Dover3306d ago

While it's a victory, it's horribly undeserved given the fact that Dortmund dominated the entire match.

krazykombatant3306d ago

it's all about how long arsenal can maintain the run and when they have the dip in performance which is bound to happen, how big a "dip" will it be.

Either way arsenal have been pretty strong this season. Fair result imo.

asmith23063306d ago

Arsenal are on a roll. Great performance. It's not Ozil making the difference this season, it's the defense. They look solid at the back for once.

windblowsagain3306d ago

I'd say the team is making the difference.

Playing well together. I wouldn't say 100%

Still sloppy at times, but doing well so far.

What Ramsey has been doing for arsenal is shooting from outside the box, have a dig at goal. Just like arsenal players years gone by. You can't always pass into the net.

I still think we need another striker.

Walcott needs to go though. He's not strong enough.

Nes_Daze3306d ago

I'm impressed with how well Arsenal has been doing, getting great results against big teams, in EPL and in UCL, just awesome for them and the fans. It's going to be an awesome round of 16...

rowdyBOY3306d ago

wow , what a result .

now i wonder what will happen in


at old trafford.

interesting !!!

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