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Highlights: La Liga - Real Madrid 5-1 Real Sociedad 09/11/2013

1 - 0 Cristiano Ronaldo (G) 12' (assist by: K. Benzema)
2 - 0 K. Benzema (G) 18'(assist by: Cristiano Ronaldo)
3 - 0 Cristiano Ronaldo (PG) 26'
4 - 0 S. Khedira (G) 36' (assist by: G. Bale)
4 - 1 A. Griezmann (G) 61' (assist by: C. Vela)
5 - 1 Cristiano Ronaldo (G) 76'

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sokrates3316d ago

Zlatan vs Ronaldo om friday. My bet: Zlatan!

KingPin3316d ago

interesting comment.
Personally i think Ronaldo is better than Zlatan but i think sweden is a stronger team than portugal. Although i must admit the world cup is going to suck coz only one of these 2 will be in it.

KingPin3315d ago

lol i didnt know someone actually made a site just to compare the 2 legends.

although one cant really knock messi so much due to his injuries messing with his form in recent weeks.

but yeah, Ronaldo is keeping the haters quiet. i just wonder when will he hit the ceiling. i hope this year isn't the last great year he has.