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Highlights: England 0 - 2 Chile (International Friendly - 15/11/2013)

0-1 Sanchez 7'

0-2 Sanchez 94'

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mafiahajeri3297d ago

Its a friendly but still...

Consoldtobots3297d ago

england has always been shite at the sport they invented.

ProjectVulcan3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Apart from when they were the best in the world. Hmmm.

Chile are a good side. The England side out looked weird, using it to test out other players. This makes sense, at least something has to have been learnt.

windblowsagain3296d ago

Actually that's incorrect.

England were the best team in the world during the 60's 70's. Along with brazil.

Today England is not england anymore. Most of the players that play in the prem league are not english. Hence there is a lack of quality players.

As for the chile game, England were on top before the goal.

Germany will be the real test. And it'll be interesting.

As for the best england manager after ramsey. It was hoddle.

MajorLazer3297d ago

Germany will eat England alive in three days!

listenkids3297d ago

As much as that's probably true, I'm optimistic. People think that because we lost to Chille we are beyond help, but we also beat Brazil recently, does that mean we are top 3 world? No, football is football, what will happen in 3 days no one knows. Hopefully England have a more experienced and solid line up.

MajorLazer3297d ago

I'm going to go see the match live but I can tell Germany will win :(

jak3y13oy3297d ago

i'll see you at wembley ;)

Angerfist3297d ago

Englands Problem will always be the foreign players that are being bought and no work in the youth department. simple as that, Rio Ferdinand also said that.

Linwelin3297d ago

England's main problem at the moment was making Roy England manager!

yezz3297d ago

Great to see Alexis scroing goals in his international team too.. Barca needs his good form now even more because messi is injured.

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