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Highlights: Everton 3-3 Liverpool (English Premier League - 23/11/13)

[0-1] - Coutinho - [5']
[1-1] - K. Mirallas - [8']
[1-2] - L. Suarez - [19']
[2-2] - R. Lukaku - [72']
[3-2] - R. Lukaku - [82']
[3-3] - D. Sturridge - [89']

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imtiyaz63290d ago

Lukaku's a beast!!! Has to be his last loan spell surely

silvacrest3290d ago

i hope so, he has such obvious talent, he can easily play the main striker at chelsea

drogba's true replacement does not need to be on loan any more

The_Devil_Hunter3290d ago

He is a great player but he does not fit Chelsea style of play unfortunately.

silvacrest3289d ago

that is true at the moment, but does that mean he is incapable of adapting? he needs a proper chance

and do we really want another situation like sturriage?

jak3y13oy3290d ago

what a derby! shame i couldn't watch it :(

Linwelin3289d ago

Dont know how Mirallas didn't get sent off in that game, high challenge with studs showing, should of been a red card, then the elbow to the head on Henderson.

But i think in the end 3-3 was a fair result, would of been different game if Mirallas had been sent off.

asmith23063289d ago

Phil Dowd is the most arrogant ref the PL has, always has been. Should have been red but not surprised he got the decision wrong. Great game overall though.