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Highlights: Manchester City 6-0 Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League - 24/11/13)

[1-0] - J. Navas - [1']
[2-0] - Sandro - [34'][og]
[3-0] - S. Aguero - [41']
[4-0] - S. Aguero - [50']
[5-0] - Negredo - [55']
[6-0] - J. Navas - [90'][+2']

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MajorLazer3291d ago

Utter domination! Spurs should be embarrassed

krazykombatant3291d ago

Christ, I was wanting to watch this but couldn't due to uni work but, now I'm happy I didn't this must have been an utterly one-sided match.

AVB now has a lot of pressure going into christmas. ManU @ home next should be pretty difficult. Tottenham need to bounce back if they have any hope of making the top four. Long gone are title hopes. Finishing on a europa spot will be incredibly difficult.

no_more_heroes3291d ago

Ouch...I'm just hoping we aren't in for the same kind of result when we go there. This was brutal.

Sergio Aguero, best striker in the league?

krazykombatant3291d ago

Maybe, but I think Suarez is still the best player in the EPL.

If he had the talent around him that Aguero has he would definitely be scoring more.

Gamer19823291d ago

I disagree the reason Aguero doesnt score more than he does is hes not greedy. He has the most goals AND the most assists int he EPL right now. He is easily the best striker in the EPL. Probably the world too. When you have lower talent around you like Suarez you stand out more and get more goals Benteke is solid proof of that at Villa. I think its harder to get more goals when you got other quality strikers also scoring like Negredo.

yezz3291d ago


Hmm.. My logic tells me that if you have less talent around you it's generally harder to score. Sturridge has also bagged 9 goals for Liverpool so Suarez-Sturridge duo has scored more goals than Negredo-Aguero..

imtiyaz63291d ago

If it wasn't for Hart, City would have walked away with the title.

Jonnyquest3213291d ago

@Imtiyaz, do you mean last year? or this? because their away form isn't solely down to him, the team just doesn't really play well. E.g the loss against Sunderland when Hart wasn't playing

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