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Highlights: Cardiff City 2-2 Manchester United (English Premier League - 24/11/13)

[0-1] - W. Rooney - [15']
[1-1] - F. Campbell - [33']
[1-2] - P. Evra - [45']
[2-2] - B.K. Kim - [90'][+1']

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krazykombatant3294d ago

Interesting result this whole weekend. Man U shouldn't have drawn at cardiff. Results like these at this time of the season are the ones that decide if you get into the top 4/win the title.

imtiyaz63294d ago

Still think United are contenders, they're just trailing by 7 points. 7 points is nothing in the Premier League especially this season

Gamer19823294d ago

For top four maybe.. The title no.. They lost to City already and although the table right now flatters Liverpool and arsenal both only playing 1 each of the big 4 I still think United unlike City have frailty's all over the team.

Sahil3293d ago

"the table right now flatters"

Bitter much? maybe if your team had beaten Villa/Cardiff/Sunderland (lol) you wudn't be where you are right now.

FYI, Liverpool have played United and Arsenal (2 out of the BIG 4).

asmith23063294d ago

Utd are still looking good for the Europa League.

KingPin3294d ago

Europa league is not normally the league you would think United would be fighting to get in to.

they poor this season it has to be said. as a united fan its disappointing. lets hope with time we get back to winning ways.

asmith23063293d ago

"Europa league is not normally the league you would think United would be fighting to get in to." - you can say that again! Except for Rooney and RvP, Utd look ordinary in my opinion. Goes to show how important Ferguson was, he got everything out of what he had. I'm not sure Moyes can do the same, maybe with a few years at the club under his belt. Utd also can't compete financially with the billionaires who back Chelsea and City, and Arsenal seem to have finally come of age; they will only get better (hats off to Wenger after years of people doubting him).

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