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Consistent Arsenal deserve to be top - Giggs

The Welshman has praised the Gunners for their early run of form but insists David Moyes' Manchester United are still title contenders despite their relatively poor start

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krazykombatant3289d ago

agree, I wasn't expecting their form to last this long, but they're playing just as well as ManU did last season.

windblowsagain3289d ago

Arsenal have a few players returning, But still need a £40million striker.

They should get rid of bendtner and walcott.

Jonnyquest3213289d ago

Get rid of Walcott? that is so dumb. Agree that they probably need another quality striker because Giroud will need a rest soon or could get injured. Between Arsenal and City for me this year

windblowsagain3289d ago

Why is it dumb.

The guy isn't becoming what wenger believed he would be. Walcott is forced off the ball too often and struggles to take players on. Even though he has the pace to do so.

Walcott does best against lower tier clubs/

Bendtner is an awful waste of space.

As for Arsenal, they do need to spend. When the squad is doing well, you strengthen it more.

Something Wenger should have done when he had persie/fab/nasri/etc.

Jonnyquest3213288d ago

It's incredibly dumb, not everyone is Messi or Ronaldo. Walcott is a good player and very important to Arsenal. He got 14 goals and 13 assists in the league last year, scored vs Utd, Spurs etc. Your claim of does best against of lower tier clubs is incredibly dumb too, surely the majority of players do better against the worst teams? isn't that just common logic?

Spiewie 3285d ago

Arsenal is playing some serious football this season. I think they could win the champions league.