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Ben Dover3288d ago

Well deserved victory for Ajax! They completely obliterated Barcelona in the first half. Even the hardcore Barcelona supporters have to admit they didn't stand a single chance as they were outclassed on every position. Shame about the red card, it gave Barcelona some hope but as was shown on the result, this was false hope they could never achieve tonight. Great match!

Nes_Daze3288d ago

No Messi, no Alexis Sanchez, no Valdes, no Dani Alves, ...and I'm still not sure why Puyols was playing as RB, it was just a mess. Tata needs to figure out how Barca is going to deal with these absences and put out a better formation than the one last night. As for the group table, no worries, Barca will still probably land in first place, Milan in second, it's Ajax that has no hope.

KingPin3288d ago

i think tata will have to improvise for a bit without some key players, a test any big club manager faces sooner or later. aside from the barca pride i dont think that loss did any real damage.

i wouldnt say Ajax had no hope. remember all 3rd place teams go into the Europa league. so technically they still have something to play for and this result helps em do just that. but you right, Barca top, milan second was probably everyones prediction for this group day 1. looks like its unfolding that way too.

but yeah, better to lose key players now then in the knockouts,quaters, semis and finals.

Ben Dover3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"As for the group table, no worries, Barca will still probably land in first place, Milan in second, it's Ajax that has no hope."

With a sentence like that, you're merely showing how immature you can be at times. Mind you your precious Barcelona has been demolished into the ground for the entire first half as they barely even reached the goal of Ajax. If Ajax can continue the same playstyle against Milan as they were crushing Barcelona in the first half, it's Milan that has no hope. It's no secret that Milan is terribly out of shape atm and has trouble winning their matches. Also I'm wondering what you mean with "no worries".. you mad or something?

Nes_Daze3286d ago

You're one of the last people on here that need to be talking about immaturity. " At times"? Kid I'm one of the few people on here that don't laugh and say "oh teh demolished" when a rival team loses, Madrid could get crushed by any team on here, not 2-1, 5-0, and I wouldn't be here stealth trolling.

I doubt Ajax will survive the group stage, but if they did, they wouldn't get past the next round. And I have nothing against Ajax, I just have a problem with people that stealth troll a team that they dislike. Watch more football, and of course, enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Ben Dover3286d ago

Stealth trolling? No not at all. Over the past few years I've enjoyed watching Barcelona play and I still watch them from time to time. They have a superb midfield and their individual quality is amazing, so no I have no problem with Barcelona at all. Also, I'm not a Madrid supporter either so I have no clue why you brought that up as an example.

What I do have a problem with however, is that not ONCE did you admit Ajax played a superb first half Barcelona simply had no answer for. Instead the first thing you type is which players were missing. What about Neymar, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Mascherano, Pique, Fabregas etc? Are they all bad substitutions? It's a weak, immature response and you simply fail to give a team credit where credit is due. Take this as a lesson for next time.

Nes_Daze3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Look, I'm a Barca fan, my comment was about how badly their injuries are affecting their team and the manager made a formation that simply did not work. I didn't give Ajax credit because I was solely focused on why barca lost. I don't have to give ajax credit on my comment, I can speak about anything regarding a match and can leave out whatever, if I'm not bashing the other team then there shouldn't be an issue. I thought it was obvious that Ajax played great, and Barca played bad, regardless of so many key players missing for barca. I can't be thinking about how I can praise Ajax just so that your feelings won't get hurt if I don't. My comment about Ajax having no hope, was harsh, but true...and it was more directed at your enjoyment of seeing Barca lose.

You need to learn a few lessons yourself...

Angerfist3287d ago

we(bayern) won easily without ribery, schweinsteiger and 10 minutes in Lahm so i think barca has to step their game up.

Jonnyquest3213287d ago

Hell even Man Utd won without RVP, Carrick, Rafael, Vidic.

Nes_Daze3286d ago

Bayern is at a different level right now, any team with big absences can lose to an inferior team.