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Highlights: Real Madrid 4 - 0 Real Valladolid 30/11/2013

33' 1 - 0 G. Bale (G)
36' 2 - 0 K. Benzema (G) (assist by: G. Bale)
64' 3 - 0 G. Bale (G)
89' 4 - 0 G. Bale (G) (assist by: Marcelo)

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krazykombatant3295d ago

By far his best performance, he demanded the ball and wasn't happy when he didn't get the service he needed. Starting to earn every penny for his transfer.

Nes_Daze3294d ago

That assist for Benzema's header was so damn accurate. Great performance by Bale.

asmith23063294d ago

Can't understand why people doubt Bale. I think he is class. Three goals and an assist for the other goal, top notch.

Spiewie 3294d ago

Well looks like Bale is doing some serious work now.

Jonnyquest3213294d ago

Yeah people were stupid to judge him when he wasn't fully fit and hadn't had a proper pre season. I have no doubts he will continue with this form, (no offence to the Spanish league, it's more technical but so easy to score in, ask Soldado :P)