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Ronaldinho: Ronaldo is angry to live in Messi's era The former Barcelona star believes the Portugal attacker is frustrated to play at the same time as the Argentine and is backing Neymar to become the world's best player in future.

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KingPin3284d ago

Angry to live in messi era, no.
Angry he doesn't get praise he deserves, yes.
there is a difference.

Spiewie 3283d ago

He doesn't get the praise because Messi takes it all. I can't pick one over the other both are great players.

krazykombatant3283d ago

LOL Real Madrid aren't doing well a the moment?!??!?! were 3 points behind barca. Who have lost 2 in a row. Barca are getting close to getting stamped with the "one man team" stamp.

It's obvious their game depends so much on messi now it isn't even funny.

It's a 3 horse race right now and Barca have a tough couple of matches still to go for december.

cell9893283d ago

It's just that Messi always edges him on everything, he will always be 2nd best no matter how hard he tries, he's hood he's real good, but as long as Messi plays the way he plays, he will always be 2nd best #storyofhislife

mechlord3283d ago

I can pick one: messi. He's not having the best season now, but i'll take a player that scores like crazy AND makes the team play over one that scores like crazy but has no talent for the position 10.

mp12893283d ago

he needs to win championships, its not like he s team doesnt have the talent

Spiewie 3283d ago

They're not doing to well at the moment.

KingPin3283d ago

winning championships or not, you have to give him respect which is something he doesn't get. Blatter and Platini are two examples of this.
unless you rate players like sanchez and pedro better than CR7 because they win championships.

yezz3283d ago

@ KinfPin

Oh c'mon he gets loads of respect, just not as much as Messi. It's just a fact that Messi has performed slightly better in the last few seasons and that blinds people a bit. Who even needs respect from the kinds of Blatter and Platini anyway..

I must agree and say that people judge players too much by the titles their team has won.. Winning a title is mostly a team effort and no man on earth can win it alone.

mechlord3283d ago


You are confusing praise with respect.
He doesnt get the respect he deserves. People can praise him or not, but they should show him respect regardless.

yezz3283d ago


I can't quite understand, what should people do to show this "respect" towards Ronaldo?

I'm aware that he has lots of haters but he also has the biggest fanbase in the game, admiring and giving him respect every damn week.. The haters seem to blind you to think he doesn't get any.

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Nes_Daze3283d ago

Oh he gets praise, it's just that messi's success and new records drew a shadow on him, apart from that, I don't think Ronaldo should be angry or frustrated, he should get his balon d oro this time..

asmith23063283d ago

He is gonna get the Ballon D'Or because Messi has been hit with injury. If Messi was fully fit he would have just continued where he left off; sure he was even knocking them in while playing with niggling injuries.

I don't think Ronaldo's arrogance and crying as a youngster ever helped him. People still see him this way, even though he has matured quite a bit. Except for that farce where he got Cheillini sent off against Juve for an 'elbow in the face'.

Spiewie 3283d ago

Team success is one thing and then individual greatness is another. He is a great player and deserves to be rewarded for his efforts. Maybe even with the Ballon d'or.

listenkids3283d ago

Doubtful, and believing Neymar will be the best in the world in the future is so ignorant, not to say he's bad, but the world has much better to offer.

Nes_Daze3283d ago

like who? and don't say Bale....XD

asmith23063283d ago

Bale is better than Neymar.

listenkids3283d ago

Depends what you're looking for, "flair" and "skills" he's your man, but vision, talent and pure footballing ability and there's just too many bright young stars.

Nes_Daze3283d ago

@asmith I think in time if Neymar stops exaggerating fouls and improves he will be better than bale, he's younger, and has shown to be very important for Brazil. At the moment, I think they're even.

S2Killinit3283d ago

now that Ronaldo is on a roll and messi is not, there seems to be a lot of bad press coming from people who have no business dissing him. I don't particularly like Ronaldo's character, and don't like that he is not a team player. But the fact remains, he is one hell of a soccer player and its not fair that people are taking shots at him for no reason.

Tzuno3282d ago

well he's upset that the world would not kiss his ass as much as he wants. owww.... seems but-hurt.