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Platini: Ballon d'Or is toughest in history

Goal - The choice between Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery for the Ballon d'Or is the toughest in history, according to Uefa president Michel Platini.

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KingPin3281d ago

lol ofcoz its tough. this is what happens when you give it to people when they dont 100% deserve it. you end up painting yourself into a corner. this is when it becomes difficult justifying why a player should win it now without contradicting previous awards. good luck with that.

ProjectVulcan3280d ago

Its actually really easy.

Ribery has had the best team awards, Ronaldo has been the best individual.

Ergo Ronaldo should win it.

HughLAD3279d ago

and just forget Messi?

ProjectVulcan3279d ago

Yep. Ronaldo has been better this year

Scrivlar3279d ago

Ronaldo has been the best this year. So simple.

Spiewie 3279d ago

I think people aren't noticing how great Suarez has been doing in this season. Everyone concentrates on the big stars who play for the best teams...

ProjectVulcan3279d ago

He has had a good year but nothing like the other three mentioned so meh

Spiewie 3279d ago

seriously... Have you ever watched Suarez play ???

ProjectVulcan3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Have you? Think he has been better than Ronaldo over this year?

Don't make me laugh. There's Ronaldo and Messi, and then there's everyone else including Suarez.

13 goals in 10 games? Try 25 in 18 for Ronaldo. That's just this season, he has an even better ratio over a longer period this year including in European's top competition. Amazing.

Suarez has been great, Ronaldo has been out of this world