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Cristiano Ronaldo to open his own museum in Madeira The Portuguese has donated many of his personal prizes to the project, which will be inaugurated on the island's capital, Funchal, on December 15.

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asmith23063171d ago

Now I've heard it all! What a tosser.

KingPin3170d ago

im sure if pele/messi/maradona had a museum you would go check it out or oneday take your kids to see what a great footballer he was. also remember this is just another way for ronaldo to make money after his football career comes to an end.

asmith23063170d ago

Dude, you act like Ronaldo's defense lawyer around here so I expect you to defend him to the last no matter what he does. I'm not making fun of his football ability as he is obviously one of the best ever, but to open a museum in honour of yourself is hilarious! I'm sure you will be first in line ;)

HxCGamer3170d ago

Actually this is going to help Portugal's economy a lot. If you read the full story, Madeira was going to build the Museum anyways to attract tourists. Ronaldo just decided to donate a lot of money towards his hometown/Country and therefore the Museum is going to be built in his name.

KiLLeRCLaM3170d ago

Maradona and Pele have their own ..and plaus it wasn't Ronaldos idea to have a museum in his name.. The island of Madeira where he is from wanted that

KingPin3170d ago

lol nah bro, not really.
unless you think nelson mandela is a tosser as well coz he also has a museum in honour of himself lol im just saying...

but yeah, oneday if im in the area il go :P why not. lol

asmith23063170d ago

I just find people opening museums in honour of themselves a bit much. Just my opinion!

chrisarsenalsavart3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

nelson mandela didn,t built a museum in his honour, it s a museum built in honour of the people who fought against apartheid, and secondly that museum
was named the nelson mandela museum, because of his fight and struggle against the persecution he has endured.

what ronaldo has done to deserve a museum in his name?
seriously youre gonna compare the life of a mommy,s bratt with one of the most inspiring person that ever graced this earth?

xxx lol

Tzuno3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Next he will buy mount Olympus because he thinks that he's a god. Kratos awaits in the throne room.

Spiewie 3169d ago

He's just trying to keep the cash flow high.