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Ribery shrugs off Ronaldo backing

ESPN - Frank Ribery has said Bayern Munich fans "do not need to show" how much they love him in response to Real Madrid supporters' mass backing of Cristiano Ronaldo for this years Ballon D'Or.
"It's good for Ronaldo, but the love that they can give me here is even stronger."

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Spiewie 3277d ago

To be honest Ribery has absolutely no chance in winning the Ballon D'or.

KingPin3276d ago

i agree especially if you look back to 2010 with sneijder having won the treble AND reaching the finals of a world cup and still be overlooked for the Ballon D'or. so using that logic, Ribery shouldn't win it.

but who do you give it to without contradicting previous winners?

not to mention the fans

in 2010, the ronaldo fans were like, sneijder won a treble and reached world cup final, messi did nothing for his country. does only club count now. Sneijder should win.
in 2012, the messi fans were like doesn't matter the team has 1 trophy. thats team achievements. goals is what counts coz that individual and messi has more. so messi wins.
in 2013, now the ronaldo fans are saying ribery shouldnt win it coz a treble is team achievement. (contrary to 2010) the messi fans are saying that ronaldo shouldn't win it coz what are so many goals without trophies (contrary to 2012).

everyone is all over the place. this here is why the trophy lost so much credibility i think. its coz there was no standard as to why X player should win it. its just vote for a player that you like. a Mr Personality award if you will.

krazykombatant3276d ago

hahaha, couldn't have said it better