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Highlights: Champions League - Bayern Munich 2-3 Manchester City (10/12/2013)

1 - 0 5' T. Müller (G) (assist by: Dante)
2 - 0 12' M. Götze (G)
2 - 1 28' David Silva (G) (assist by: J. Milner)
2 - 2 59' A. Kolarov (PG)
2 - 3 62' J. Milner (G) (assist by: Jesús Navas)

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krazykombatant3280d ago

what a match!! I'm sure Guardiola must be livid! HAHAHAHA!!

Gamer19823279d ago

Beat the best team right now in the world on their own stomping grounds with only half a team and with a current run of poor away form.. City are a team to watch out for when they actually gel and work together. They can beat anybody in the world and tonight proves it. They can win the champions league and the premier league is far from over for them too.

krazykombatant3278d ago

Thats the main issue isn't it getting that team to gel. I don't know if they can make a deep run into the champions league but if they play like they did here I'm sure they can do it.

Nes_Daze3279d ago

Impressive win, and I'm glad someone finally beat Bayern, but there's stll a long way to go, Bayern isn't invincible, but they are consistent...

asmith23063279d ago

What a turn around but why didn't they throw Aguero on to try get a fourth and top the group?

listenkids3277d ago

They were unaware they only needed 1 goal to top the group, so kept him rested.

zaz123278d ago

TBH, this game means nothing to bayern as they are already leading the group. I don't thing they were putting much effort on it.

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