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Rooney rejects new Manchester United contract talks The 28-year-old continues to evade the Red Devils' attempts to discuss a new deal as he eyes a move away from Old Trafford, with his current terms due to expire in 2015.

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Gamer19823275d ago

This is a non starter everybody and there nan knows united don't discuss contracts in the middle of a season.

b163o13275d ago

There a bigger picture at hand, Rooney sees united have moved on with out him. Two seasons ago Rooney "was" united, a year or two past, bring in RVP, publicly talk about his weight, fight with former manger, and he sees everyone jumps on the RVP bandwagon. His time has pasted in Manchester. I'm glad to see him reject contract talks, time to see if he can play in another league.... That's my opinion

Ben Dover3274d ago

"time to see if he can play in another league.... That's my opinion "

He can't perform in another league. No one would want that overweight rhino.

Computersaysno3275d ago

The team that kicks off season 2014/15 is gonna look very different from the one that is around now I reckon

That may not be a bad thing either

Spiewie 3273d ago

Ouch Rooney is a very good forward scoring goals for UTD. I cannot imagine him playing for another team though. I got used to him playing for UTD.

listenkids3272d ago

@Ben Dover

I'll assume, for the sake of your intelligence, you're talking in irony. Please, realistically, show me a better league than EPL, with facts to back it up.