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Highlights: Tottenham 0-5 Liverpool (English Premier League - 15/12/13)

18' 0-1 Suarez
40' 0-2 Henderson
75' 0-3 Flanagan
84' 0-4 Suarez
89' 0-5 Sterling

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MajorLazer2903d ago

£100 Mn+ and 11 goals conceded between two teams

imtiyaz62903d ago

Suarez just got AVB fired

Killzoned2902d ago

Poor AVB. I heard he wasn't the one handling the transnfer either.

krazykombatant2903d ago

Liverpool will be in the top four for sure at this rate.

asmith23062903d ago

Liverpool looked great yesterday, really hope they get into the CL this year. Would be great to see them back in it, and of course for Suarez to stay in the PL.

Spiewie 2903d ago

I can't see them selling Suarez. They've been talking about him being cap when Gerrard is unavailable. He's one of the best players in the world they can't let him go and I don't think he's too keen on doing so either.

asmith23062902d ago

If Real Madrid came knocking with the usual ridiculous money they offer then they would have to sell him. You can't say no to that kind of money.

Spiewie 2903d ago

Pretty sweet game. Flanagan scored a nice goal and yes as usual Suarez scored a beauty. Liverpool really has a chance to win the league now.

Linwelin2902d ago

We need a winger in january, Moses just isnt good enough, i think i heard we are after Salah of Basel.

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