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AVB to Marseille?

Marseille without a coach and Villas-Boas without a job. Is there a match in the works?

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Fluke_Skywalker3263d ago

I wouldn't be keen on that if u was a Marseille fan. No offence to the guy but he hasn't exactly proved his credentials in his last jobs has he.

listenkids3263d ago

Because he was forced to reconstruct a team using players not bought by him, within 4 months? If that was the practice for every manager, we wouldn't get very far.

Just saying

Linwelin3263d ago

I thought he admitted that he had an input on the transfers ?

even still spurs have one heck of a team on paper, but just cant produce on the field, is it purely down to the players or tactics ?

i still think they bought to many players at the same time.

krazykombatant3263d ago

chelsea shouldn't count as even rafa was kicked out of there.

It was a stupid move by spurs, they had more points at this point in the season than last. However, expectations and reality tend to make things very different.

Stringerbell3263d ago

I would be open to the possibility. So long as he realizes he will never have the funds that he had in England, not by a long shot.