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Is Luis Suarez Worth Keeping at Liverpool


"Its a question that should be asked of any player but especially those players that are seen to be above the level of those they play with. One has to wonder at times is it truly the player that is good or is it the team around them that makes them reach the standard they become known for. Undoubtedly several of the highest paid players are well worth their wage but there are also those that only succeed because they work well with a specific set of players. Obviously practice will help anyone to improve and possibly exceed their limits as we know them however how do we tell the real deal from someone thats getting carried by the team."

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Linwelin3275d ago

of course he is worth keeping, the guy is in the top 5 in the world, why would they want to get rid of him. Granted he will be gone in the summer if they don't get a CL spot.

SniperControl3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

The scenario has played into his(& agent) hands perfectly, he has done a "Rooney" on liverpool.

Lets be honest, all this talk about him saying that the love of the fans kept him at liverpool, BS, a nice hefty pay increase and a Real Madrid get out clause is what kept him at the club. I mean what player goes from demanding a (very public) move to signing a new 4 1/2 year contract in 6 months.

I think Arsenal dodged a potentially very harmful bullet with their attempts to sign him.

MrEmeralddragon3275d ago

I agree he did play it pretty smart and by god he got what he wanted. Still though he is pretty good. Possibly not entirely worth the new deal but damn close to it.

Linwelin3274d ago

Played into his hands ? all this means is that Liverpool will get a much bigger fee if he does go, that in my mind is only a good thing for liverpool.

MrEmeralddragon3274d ago

True but if he ends up going downhill for any reason then it will be a terrible burden on them. Theres always a risk when agreeing to these kinds of over the top deals.

Stringerbell3274d ago

Scores two more goals today....

Spiewie 3275d ago

Fortunately for Liverpool he extended his contract.

windblowsagain3275d ago

Without him, Liverpool would be much further down the table.

Linwelin3274d ago

you could say the same about a lot of teams though