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Suarez signs new Liverpool deal

The striker, who has netted 17 goals 11 league games this season, says the "special relationship" he has with club's fans was key to his decision to sign a long-term contract

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imtiyaz62900d ago

Good for Liverpool! They really did well in stamping their authority and holding onto their best player. They aren't even in the champions league and they managed to keep him, while the Arsenal board *sigh*. Hopefully now with the stadium debt gone we can do the same

Spiewie 2900d ago

Lucky for Liverpool but they still might sell him when Madrid shows them some serious cash.

jak3y13oy2900d ago

like i said in a story before.. if they can buy Bale for £80m, Suarez would be triple figures!

Spiewie 2900d ago

Real Madrid can afford that.

Linwelin2899d ago

If they can't afford it, then they don't get him, simple :)

Spiewie 2899d ago

They can* with the amount of money they have they could buy a Suarez every season.

Linwelin2898d ago

they being investigated at the moment though :)