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Highlights: Manchester United 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League - 01/01/2014)

0-1 Adebayor 34'

0-2 Eriksen 66'

1-2 Welback 67'

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asmith23062896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I think Utd's last five results were flattering to say the least because that's all they were, results. The performances have been desperate. I knew when they played a decent side again they would fall over again.

Jonnyquest3212896d ago

Haha the one game they actually dominated in they lost, football for ya. Unfortunately all the possession was wasted by poor players, relying on an 18 year old to be the most creative player is embarrassing. Having said that they really should have won that match anyway they had enough chances, 9 times out of 10 if they play like that they would win imo.

asmith23062896d ago

Credit where credit is due though, Spurs defending was outstanding and Lloris made some great saves. Defending well is a big part of the game that is over looked, and people end up saying this team "really should have won" because they attacked so much. But if they can't get through, then well done to the defending team.

windblowsagain2896d ago

Spurs defending?

Utd had clear cut chances and missed most of them. Spurs missed quite a few of their own as well.

utd's goalie was to blame for the first goal, awful.

Same can be said of utd's goal. Goalies fault.

As for the game, it was open and either team could have won it.

Jonnyquest3212895d ago

Lloris also should have been sent off though, clearly fouled Young recklessly and within the first 15 minutes superman punched the ball when he was outside the box (initial contact with ball was while he was inside but as he pushed it his hands were outside)

asmith23062895d ago

Clutching at straws a bit aren't you. Sure it could have been a penalty but (a its Ashley Young who only a few weeks ago said his diving was up the the refs to judge and b) it was Howard Webb, who had a howler during the Chelsea-Liverpool game. It's about time Utd saw the dodgy side of refereeing. Welcome to the club!

Jonnyquest3212893d ago

Hardly clutching at straws, just not being biased. I don't support even support Utd but that doesn't mean I have to hate them or be biased against them. Them seeing the dodgy side of refereeing has nothing to do with anything, the point was that they should have won because they played better than Spurs, simple