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Liverpool favourites to land Barca star Cristian Tello

Brendan Rodgers looks to bolster his attacking options by landing Barcelona starlet Cristian Tello.

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asmith23062885d ago

Hopefully he can get Tello, Juan Mata would be a nice buy for Liverpool as well.

goku323592885d ago

Not gonna happen. Mata will MAYBE be sold, but not to a direct EPL rival.

Stringerbell2885d ago

Agreed. Even though Mourinho and BR are friends, he would be increasing Liverpool's chances of winning the title / overtaking Chelsea. Moses is there because well he's an average player. Mata is on another level.

asmith23062885d ago

If RvP can move from Arsenal to Utd, then Juan Mata can move from Chelsea to Liverpool. For starters he is a benched player. Also, Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea. Players move around the league. Money does the talking.

b163o12885d ago

What's happening to Mata? Benched??

Computersaysno2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Mata won't got to Liverpool. Chelsea won't sell and Mata wouldn't want to go. Atletico Madrid seem also interested and he would obviously go there before Liverpool

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Stringerbell2885d ago

Well perhaps, but can anyone point to a transfer where Mourinho helped a direct rival?

jak3y13oy2885d ago

would be a good signing.. they do need a left winger.. good shout tbh!