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Highlights: Manchester Utd 1 - 2 Swansea (FA Cup - 3rd Round - 05/01/2013)

W Routledge 12'
J Hernandez 16'
Fabio s/o 80'
W Bony 90'

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krazykombatant3257d ago

Scrappy match, don't think it was a red card. However, if United keep free falling it's tought to see Moyes making it past the summer/start of next season.

--Onilink--3256d ago

i think in any other team, they would have already taken off a manager who is clearly nowhere near the goal for the season. I feel this is more about pride and not admitting they probably chose the wrong person

krazykombatant3256d ago

^^this so much this! loved the fact that the camera panned onto the banner "the chosen one" when they lost the match. So Cheeky

Spiewie 3256d ago

Haha what a flop by hernandez...

sonic9893256d ago

lol both Rooney and Michu didnt play

b163o13256d ago

LoL! United's fall from grace! On a serious note, if they finish in the top6 it'll be a good season in my eyes. Being a City fan, I'm enjoying this fall, but I really hate to see Moyes in this state, he was emotionless when they equalized the game, I hate United but like SAF I have a lot of respect for Moyes and hope things turn around for him.

Sahil3256d ago

Loving. Every. Moment.

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