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Manchester United Hit A New Low Under Out-Of-Depth Moyes The Premier League champions left the field to boos after they were beaten 2-1 by Swansea in the FA Cup third round at Old Trafford

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Spiewie 3253d ago

And when he signed up for the job I thought that he'll do it well...

goku323593253d ago

It's not entirely his fault. SAF left him with a pretty horrible squad. It only shows how great SAF was, that he was able to win the league with that team.

asmith23063253d ago

I agree, although I thought most of the top teams last season had a stinker of a season bar Utd. I think Fergie and the board believe that when he left Utd would have to rebuild the same way they did when he first took over. But times have changed and money rules the game. Utd don't have time to rebuild. And besides, why does a league winning squad need so much rebuilding anyway?? Top clubs change managers all the time without so much fallout. It's clear to me were the blame lies. Imagine if Roberto Martinez had of gotten the job instead? Utd would at the very least be playing some top class football.

ProjectVulcan3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

He'll be alright he just needs time to build his own side. This is the man who made Everton a top 6 or 7 side with literally NO money. But he does have to grow into this big position, there aren't many managers who wouldn't!

United have managed to not spend too much money for years now and got away with it, but sometimes you have to pay up to get the world class required.

I think first on the hit list might be Coentrao, which is a buy most supporters would believe shrewd.

Then after he needs to get another midfielder, and possibly a left winger.

The problem is these players aren't likely to be available now. The quality required. Such as Vidal, or Reus, Koke, Di Maria etc. That sort of level here. He may have to slog it out til the end of the season until the right players are.

I think most fans are smart enough to accept that if that means a better long term outcome, it makes sense to wait to buy. Rather than throwing money to at best, only partially rescue this season with players that might not be good buys longer term.

If that is what happens then the summer and next season will really be the make or break and he MUST get the players required.

He'll get this first season gratis I think, it'll be a freebie from the board because there is plenty of excuses to go around if United finish outside the top 4- many valid. One bad season isn't going to damage the club too much.

This is a club that haven't really had a 'bad' season in 20 years, with 'bad' being finishing 3rd and winning nothing for a year or two!

Next season however the board and the fans won't be quite as forgiving.....

The_Klank3252d ago

UTD gave him a six year contract. If that don't tell you that he is here to rebuild the squad then I don't know what will.
He'll get the funds to bring in new players, the sooner the better obviously. Who is available in this window is another matter.
UTd haven't won the FA cup in a decade, so I wasn't shocked to see them out of it, the silver lining is that now the fixture list is a little less congested which will hopefully spur them on.
As far as the tactics Moyes has them playing I think he is just trying to get the best out of the players available to him in the squad, wing play seems to be what he has been focusing on as they have a surplus of pretty experienced wingers in the squad, especially when you consider the lack of creativity coming from the midfield.

Its a long season and the least that can be expected from UTD is a top four finish, if that doesn't happen then I expect a lot of axes to happen in the summer.

Linwelin3252d ago

wonder how it will effect them if they dont get it europe next season, less money and most top players want CL football. Wont be the end for united but i can see a hard few years coming up for any united fan.

AcceptedWalnut3252d ago

I'm loving every minute of it, long may it continue.

mmj3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Moyes was a gamble pure and simple, nothing in his history suggested that he could carry on the success from Ferguson... they appointed him for all of the wrong reasons, personality, temperament and no doubt him being mates with Ferguson had something to do with it - he was appointed purely with the hope that he will eventually grow into the job.

You could see that Ferguson had no confidence in him hitting the ground running with his "stand by your new manager" comment and when he recommended that Moyes keep his back room staff.

The question now is will the gamble pay off? will Moyes start to step up to the plate or will he turn Man UTD into a team of "also-rans" like his years at Everton.